Why you need brilliant branding

Why you need brilliant branding

Quick question for you… Are you a business or a brand?

Do you know? Perhaps you’re one or the other, perhaps a little bit of both? Either way it’s an important question to consider because the answer could reveal whether your business is destined to be forgettable… or fantastic.

It sounds a little dramatic but your brand really is THAT important.

Your business is just that, it’s what you do every day to earn a living. Your brand is something else, something special. It’s how you communicate with people, it’s what you look like, what you say, how you act and how your customers think and feel about you.

Here’s why you need brilliant branding

It enhances your reputation

Done right, your brand can be a powerful tool in building and enhancing your reputation. What you say, what you sell and how you deal with customer are all integral to your brand reputation.

It communicates your beliefs

With more choice than ever available to consumers, purchasing goods, services and products has moved from being a needs driven process to an emotional one. This means that potential customers are taking an active interest in your businesses beliefs.

It boosts your sales

By creating your brand around the needs, values and wants or your ideal customer, it can act as a launch pad for your products and services. A premium brand that attracts a well-heeled audience gives you the ability to command a premium price point. Likewise, a strong brand that is etched in the minds of your customer will help to keep sales steady when the market is tough.

It encapsulates your values

Your brand values should be at the heart of everything you do; do you know what they are? Do your staff? Having a defined set of values enables everyone within a business to work within them – from the factory floor to the boardroom.

It defines your personality

Your brand personality should be intimately tied in with your target customer. To attract the people most likely to buy from you, you need fit into their lifestyle and represent how they see themselves. Your brand personality can be used as a starting point for your logo, website design and tone of voice, so are your customers sporty or sophisticated? Intelligent or innovative?

It makes you memorable

A customer may buy from a business, but they develop a loyal relationship with a brand. Building a brand with personality, values and core beliefs takes time, but in a crowded marketplace, it’s what helps you to stand out.


So what makes you and your business stand out?


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