30 projects you could outsource to a creative agency

30 projects you could outsource to a creative agency

Have you ever wondered what a full-service design, branding and content agency like Wani Creative actually does? And more importantly, what we could do for you and your business?

First of all, let’s get clear on what a full-service creative agency actually is…

What IS a full-service creative agency?

Wani Creative is a full-service agency which means we’ve got you covered from design and content to build and maintenance. Rather than spending your valuable time and money seeking out individual branding experts, website builders, graphic designers and copywriters, briefing them, working with them and then paying them all individually, we take care of your whole project from start to finish. Whether you’re creating a new business, or want effective communication materials for your existing business.

There are lots of different creative agencies out there, with lots of different skills and abilities.

Not all creative agencies are equal and not all can carry out every task you might require. Some specialise in brand creation, or website design. Others only work on social media campaigns. Some, like Wani Creative, have a broad mix of skills on offer.

So how could you work with a creative agency to boost your business? Here’s a list of projects you could outsource to an agency like Wani Creative:

  1. Logo design
  2. Brand development
  3. Re-branding
  4. Website design
  5. Copywriting
  6. Packaging Design
  7. Flyer and leaflet design and printing
  8. Blog writing
  9. Newsletter content and design
  10. Social media profiles
  11. Email campaigns
  12. Slogan creation
  13. Website management
  14. Exhibition stand design
  15. Writing press releases
  16. Slideshow creation
  17. Customer magazines
  18. App design and development
  19. Mobile website development
  20. Brand guidelines
  21. Sales page content
  22. Business card design
  23. Photography
  24. Competitor research
  25. Creative project Management
  26. Brochure design
  27. Recruitment adverts
  28. Social media banner images
  29. Video Creation
  30. Advertising campaigns

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